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Our exclusive virtual health, fitness and mindset Membership that provides you with everything you need to feel motivated and fit for life.

Join as an Annual Hub Member and receive a private
1-1 Coaching Session with Fitness Trainer, Joy McClymont
and 1-1 Consult with Naturopath/Nutritionist, Stacey Curcio
Joy's Fitness Hub Workbook

Take your Joy's Fitness Hub Program anywhere, in or out of internet range,  with your spiral bound workbook, that outlines your weekly program clearly for you to keep humming.

Hub Webinars, Coaching + Support

Learn, understand and be fully supported by our team of trainers, expert guests and specialists, as we help you to stay motivated on your health and fitness journey in Joy's Fitness Hub

Joy's Fitness Hub Online + App

Access your weekly program, audio and video workouts, plus all webinar replays in the Joy's Fitness Hub app, available on Apple and Android devices.

Hub Membership Includes:
ONLINE JFH Program - weekly fitness, nutrition and mindset tasks
Level 1 Hub Workbook outlining your weekly program with tracking sheet
Joy's Fitness Hub App available for Apple + Android
Access to Hub WOW - On-demand audio + video workouts 
Hub Webinars + Coaching Calls
LIVE Workouts with Hub Trainer
Supportive private Hub Member community
Joy's Fitness Hub Membership OPTIONS
Flexible membership options to suit you and your lifestyle.
Opt in or out at anytime with 30 days notice.
Join as an ANNUAL Member and receive a private 1-1 Coaching Session with Chief Fitness Trainer, Joy McClymont and Naturopath/ Nutritionist, Stacey Curcio.  
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Monthly Membership
per month
  • Weekly Joy's Fitness Hub Program
  • (starting at Level 1)
  • JFH App
  • Hub Program Workbook
  • Coaching Call + Webinars
  • Audio/ Video Workouts
Annual Membership
per year
• Weekly Joy's Fitness
• Hub Program (starting at Level 1)

• JFH App
• Hub Program Workbook
• Coaching Call + Webinars
• Audio + Video Workouts
• 1-1 Coaching Session with
Joy & Stacey
Programs & Resources
Get off your rear with a little Joy in your ear!
Struggling to get motivated but can't get to a gym/class?
Workout with our team of trainers via video or audio, anytime, anywhere.
Our library of on-demand workouts will help you get up and active everyday.  Follow along as our trainers take you through a range of workouts that tick every box for whole body fitness, including:  
  • pilates
  • yoga + stretch
  • bodyweight strength circuit
  • weighted strength 
  • boxercise 
plus a BONUS Live Workout in our private Facebook group
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30 Day Make Your Move
A program for beginners who need to start with creating achievable fitness habits over a 30 day period.  This program takes the thinking out of what workouts to do and how to do them.
Super time efficient with workouts ranging from 10 - 20min, and includes REST days so you can recover and recharge.

This program really does help you discover how to fit in fitness with life and make the small but significant changes to your everyday routine.
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Self Care Program
Self care is not selfish, even though many people still struggle to prioritise their own health and wellbeing, often feeling guilty and frustrated.

Our Self-Care Program is self-paced, and includes 4 key modules that outline simple and effective ways to practise self-care and establish healthy routines in your life.

"Self care is about giving the world the best of you,
not what's left of you". Katie Reed

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Energiser Program
Feeling sluggish, fatigued and foggy is no way to function in life.  We step you through the 6 key elements to recharging your body and mind for energy, clarity and whole body health.

Created in conjunction with Naturopath/ Nutritionist, Stacey Curcio from Cultivating Wellness who has provided simple yet super effective nutrition tasks to help recharge your body and improve mental clarity.

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1-1 Coaching Session
Not sure where to start or what you need?
Do you feel you need to discuss your personal health, fitness and lifestyle with a trainer?

We understand the importance of personal connection and tailoring your training to you individual health needs.

Take this opportunity to book a private 1-1 Coaching Session with Joy McClymont to discuss your personal health, fitness and lifestyle needs.

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