Off The Track Training provides accessible health and fitness programs, supportive coaching and information, to people living and working in isolated situations.  
Staying fit and healthy when you live so far from a gym, trainer or group of active friends, can make exercise a pretty lonely battle.
Off The Track Training bridges the isolation gap for people wanting to go somewhere with their health and fitness, when they live in the middle of nowhere.

We provide easily accessible programs, coaching and resources, delivered in a way that doesn't rely on internet speed or social media connection.  You can either choose to digitally connect or work through the printed program and flash drive.
We support everyone living anywhere, and want health and fitness to be open to any age, lifestyle or location.

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Off The Track Training Team
Off The Track Training has an awesome bunch of down-to-earth Aussie women who all support, coach and inspire us to prioritise our health and keep the fitness fire burning regardless of our age, location, lifestyle or starting point.
Joy McClymont
Owner, Creator and Chief Fitness Trainer
Grad. Dip Education, Cert IV Fitness Trainer, Cross Fit Level 1 Online Trainer, Female Health & Performance Trainer, Women's Safe Return to Exercise Trainer, Swim Coach

Specialist Areas:  
  • Women's Health and Fitness specifically during peri menopause and beyond
  • Strength, power and speed training
  • Trail running, mountain biking, hiking and swimming
  • Motivation and mindset 
Stacey Curcio
Naturopath/ Nutritionist and Co-Creator 
Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Masters of Human Nutrition
Accredited member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)
Registered Naturopath with The Australian Register for Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH)

Specialist Areas:  
  • Regenerative Health 
  • Pathology 
  • Econutrition

Rachael Webster
Yoga Teacher, Administration & Customer Support
Yoga Teacher

Specialist Areas:  
  • Yoga
  • Breathing and meditation
  • Body mechanics
  • Mindfulness

Amy Petersen
Weighted WOD Trainer 
Cert IV Fitness Trainer
Weighted WOD Trainer

Specialist Areas:  
  • Cross Fit training
  • Strength training
  • Motivation and support

Sasha Treloar
HIIT + Pilates Trainer 
Cert IV Fitness Trainer
Functional Fitness

Specialist Areas:  
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Bodyweight HIIT training

Heidi Shoecraft
Exercise Physiologist + Boxercise Trainer
Circuit strength and boxing
Remedial exercise
Exercise Physiologist

Specialist Areas:  
  • Strength training
  • Boxing training
  • Remedial exercise

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